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Projects in which Bruce has been involved:

New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival 2010

On July 17, 2010, again served as the Expert Judge for the "Special Judges" ice cream product competition at the New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival, in Toms River, NJ. Included on the panel of judges was Molly Boyle, New Jersey State Dairy Princess, shown with Bruce in the photo above.

With Dr. Steven Young, developed the first completely sugar-free frozen dessert. At the IDFA Ice Cream Technical Conference in 2010 introduced the concept of "hybrid" frozen desserts – a low fat ice cream using sour cream as the sole fat source and a sherbet made with cultured buttermilk as the source of milk solids not fat. Also made a presentation on the technical elements of formulating non-standardized frozen desserts.

ABC News July 19, 2010 - Deep Freeze: Baskin-Robbins Retires Five Flavors Bruce in the media: Baskin-Robbins recently announced that they are discontinuing five ice cream flavors. It's the first time the company has ever retired five flavors at once. Most controversial has been the dropping of traditional favorite French Vanilla, a move that has the Facebook world buzzing. One page called "Save Baskin-Robbins' French Vanilla From the Deep Freeze" has more than 1,000 supporters. Bruce was contacted by national media for expert comment.

ABC News
July 19, 2010 coverage can be seen here:

All Things Considered (ATC) July 22, 2010 program on National Public Radio - listen to Bruce's interview here:

Ice Cream Man - Villanova’s Bruce W. Tharp savors his role as a leading expert on the chilly, sweet stuff - a profile of Bruce published by Mainline Today.

Provided training on ice cream technology for sales and technical personnel at a major supplier of flavorings to the ice cream industry.

Provided technical guidance to the development of novel methods for freezing ice cream and the application of novel ingredients in the innovative control of ice cream's infrastructure.

Bruce is a co-principal presenter at the "Tharp & Young On Ice Cream" ice cream short course and clinics presented annually in Las Vegas, NV. The course covers all key technical elements of ice cream and other frozen desserts and includes a product clinic. In 2008 the course expanded its scope with a presentation in Mexico City. Later, in April 2009 the course was presented at the National University of Singapore. It will be repeated in Singapore in June of 2011. For more information about the course and 2010/2011 schedules visit

Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest 2002Bruce's participation as Chief Ice Cream Judge for the Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest in 2005 marked the 30th anniversary of his activities as a product judge at that event, an accomplishment that was acknowledged by the presentation of a Special Recognition Award (picture of plaque at right). He began his contest involvement as a coach of the Ohio State Dairy Products judging team in 1961, then continued it when he began service as a milk judge, in 1976. Five years later, he became an ice cream judge, and has been the Lead Ice Cream Judge for 18 years. The photo shows Bruce (on the right) and three colleagues making evaluations at the 2004 event. Bruce has continued his ice cream judging involvement in that event through the 2008 Contest.

Presented a review of innovative developments in ice cream science and technology for a major USA ice cream manufacturer.

Max Catani, Savona General Manager, assists Bruce Bruce was the inaugural recipient of the International Ice Cream Association Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the IDFA at a dinner held on March 1, 2006. See Achievements. The presentation dinner was part of the annual IICA Ice Cream Technical Conference, at which he presented a paper titled "Modernizing the Ice Cream Standard of Identity: Impact on Formulation."

Participated for the 35th consecutive year as a major lecturer at the Penn State Ice Cream Short Course, January 2010. That participation included lecturing on Sensory Evaluation of Ice Cream and Stabilizer and Emulsifier Functionality, as well as conducting six commercial ice cream product clinics.

Savona Plant Manager and Bruce TharpProvided consultation services to Savona S. A. de C.V., in El Salvador relevant to their La Neveria ice cream. These included recommendations for improvements in plant practices, product composition and quality assurance practices, as well as guidance for the development of a line of no-sugar-added ice creams.

On two subsequent occasions, Bruce returned to San Salvador to present a two-day ice cream technology short course to Savona employees. Max Catani, Savona General Manager, who had attended Tharp & Young On Ice Cream Short Course and Clinics, provided translation services for the courses. Mr. Catani was very pleased with the courses, reporting that they contributed significantly to the job effectiveness of the employees who participated.

How to be a Knowledgeable and Discriminating Ice Cream GourmetAn article on the joys of ice cream sensory evaluation, "How to be a Knowledgeable and Discriminating Ice Cream Gourmet", based on a presentation at the Smithsonian Institution, contributed by Bruce to iFlavors online magazine, and now archived here.

Identified the cause of persistent consumer complaints and recommended corrective changes for a leading ice cream manufacturer.

Advised an ice cream industry supplier regarding pilot plant activity aimed at generating hard performance data illustrating the functionality of their products as input into a technical marketing program.

Co-author (with Ronald C. Deis and Charles E. Kuenzle) of U. S. Patent 7,416,754 "ICE CREAM AND ICE CREAM FORMULATIONS CONTAINING MALTITOL", granted August 26, 2008.

Course photo May 2002Presented six two-day on-site courses in ice cream technology for a major multi-plant ice cream company. The courses have attended by about 200 individuals representing 8 different locations with responsibilities that included general management, technical, production, marketing and human resources. Comments about the value of the program were very positive and enthusiastic.

Provided prototype compositional recommendations for a line of functional frozen desserts.

Provided technical consultation to several companies relevant to ultra-low temperature freezing and ice structuring protein technology.

Advised an international ingredients supplier re technical marketing elements of the ice cream industry.

Commenting on variegated ice cream pattern at Penn State product clinic Conducted a three-day plant audit and presented a two-day ice cream course for a major regional ice cream manufacturer.

Provided compositional and production guidelines to a start-up company producing super-premium ice cream featuring exotic flavors. Client comment - 'You did miraculous things with our recipe!'

Served as technical advisor to the product improvement programs at several major ice cream manufacturers.

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Special Recognition Award from the Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest - 30 years of service.