Tharp's Food Technology
Tharp's Food Technology
Services have been provided on six continents
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Tharp's Food Technology offers a broad range of training and technical services:

Ice cream clinic - explaining the preparation of meltdown evaluation samples Ice cream technical and scientific training made relevant to all job functions and technical backgrounds.

Design and evaluation of quality management sensory evaluation systems and methods, and training of evaluation panelists.

Organizing and applying the results of product clinics using internal and/or marketplace samples.

Composition review for cost and functional optimization, including the application of Freezing Profile Analysis, a valuable perspective on the effect of compositional differences on ice cream freezing behavior, sructure and textural shelf life.

Frozen dessert product development, including expertise in stabilizer and emulsifier functionality.

Troubleshooting product and process quality issues.

Tharp's Food Technology

Services available globally - ask for special Antarctica rates!

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