I Have a Crying Chihuahua. What Should I Do? (2024)

I Have a Crying Chihuahua. What Should I Do? (1)

It’s heartbreaking when you see a crying Chihuahua. We all want our puppies to be happy. We pet them, give them treats and shower them with love and affection any chance we can get. They’re part of our lives and family, and we certainly love treating them as such. But dogs are also creatures with emotions and behaviors, both positive and negative. Just like humans, there are times when they are happy. Unfortunately, there will undoubtedly be times when they will be sad or upset. It’s a part of life but also an opportunity to show your dog some love.

The soft cry or whimper from your dog can be a sad sound to hear. You may want to do anything you can to help alleviate their pain, sadness, or discomfort. The cry of a tiny Chihuahua can be especially ear-catching and often heard. If you have a Chihuahua, chances are you’ll listen to their cry enough times in their life. What makes them cry, and is it normal? Here, we’ll share some helpful insight about crying Chihuahuas, as well as some helpful hints in making them feel better and happier.

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Why Do Chihuahuas Cry?

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Chihuahuas can get emotional. Like other dogs, Chihuahuas find their voice to get attention or alert their family of a potential problem or harm. However, what makes Chihuahuas somewhat unique is how often they cry. They’re well-known for their whining and whimpering, whether it’s to get attention or to show their discomfort. The cry of a Chihuahua is relatively high-pitched, although it usually is not very loud in volume. The frequency that your dog cries may depend on their temperament, training, and how well their needs are met.

1. Attention

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One reason why a Chihuahua will cry is to get your attention about something. They may want to alert you about a visitor walking around to ensure you they’re there. They may seek attention in being petted or brushed, as they may require some TLC. Since they don’t have words they can use to get your attention, they use their cry to get you to notice them and address whatever is they are pointing your attention to. Another reason they may be seeking your attention is to meet a need of theirs. Perhaps they need to go outside to go to the bathroom.

Most often, they can’t let themselves out to go potty. They may let out a soft cry to let you know they need to go. They can also let out a cry if they’re hungry and want some food. Especially if their eating schedule has been thrown off or they haven’t gotten food in a while, their cry can be a helpful reminder to you that they need food. They may also cry because they’re craving a treat or some other specialty food that you may or may not give them at that time. Usually, these reasons for hearing your dog cry are not reasons to be particularly concerned about. They are used as another way your dog can communicate with you, so you both can be happy.

2. Distressed

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However, there may be some reasons why your dog cries that may indicate a more significant concern. These reasons usually mean your dog is in pain or has some discomfort that should be addressed. A cry can be a reaction to either a mental and emotional concern or a physical pain. Chihuahuas that may be stressed out about a situation or are scared may let out a whine, whimper, or cry. If they have an upset stomach, have sore ligaments, or other pain they’re experiencing, a cry will let you know how they’re feeling.

3. Crying Isn’t The Same as Tearing Up

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If you notice that your dog’s eyes are water, that may not necessarily mean that they are crying. Chihuahuas also produce tears to help lubricate their eyes for protection and comfort, just like how you might use eye drops to ease dry eyes, so a Chihuahua will produce tears to refresh their vision. It’s a natural, often involuntary behavior that helps keep the Chihuahua healthy.

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How to Stop Your Chihuahua From Crying

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When you start to hear your Chihuahua crying, you probably will want to identify a solution or resolution to the reason why your dog is upset. Whether your dog’s crying is a new habit or has been going on for way too long, here are some helpful tips in finding a solution to your crying puppy.

1. Identify the Reason

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In developing a solution to your crying dog, it’s essential first to determine why your dog is crying in the first place. Knowing that will help you understand whether it’s just bad behavior that can be trained or a health concern that may require a more in-depth approach. If your Chihuahua is crying because of physical pain or another ailment, there may not be much you can do about them crying and whining. The best resolution may be to connect with your veterinarian about what may be causing their concern. However, if your Chihuahua is calling out of a behavioral reaction to a need or something they want, there are things you can do to teach them to communicate in other ways that don’t include crying.

2. Keep them Active

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If your Chihuahua is having a hard time sitting still and cries because of their need for exercise or play, be sure they have access to regular activity throughout the day. Whether that’s a few minutes of running around in the living room or going for a walk outside, make sure your puppy stays active. This can help ease his stress, go to sleep well and overall live a healthier life. This can be especially helpful for new puppies who may have difficulty going to sleep at night.

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3. Don’t Reward Bad Behavior

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If your dog is crying out of a desire to be petted or shown affection, it’s essential to train them not to cry for this type of attention. If they’re crying to be annoying, don’t reward them by giving them a treat or giving into giving them a pet. Instead, wait until they stop crying and then reward them with a treat or a display of affection. This approach can teach your dog that they won’t get what they want by crying but by being quiet or communicating a need in another way.

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4. Make them Feel Secure

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If your Chihuahua is crying out of a feeling of stress or anxiety, it’s crucial to ensure they are in a healthy environment where they feel secure and loved. Whether that’s a designated sleeping area or a familiar toy or two, providing security for your dog can help ease their fears and help them to stop crying. Once your Chihuahua calms down and stops crying, be sure to reward them with praise or a treat to indicate that they are all right.

Conclusion For “I Have a Crying Chihuahua”

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Whether your puppy requires something or is in pain, it’s crucial to identify their need and find ways to help them stay healthy and happy. With proper training and taking steps to help them be healthy, you can prevent your Chihuahua from crying all too often when they don’t need to be.

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