Jackomos Restaurant New Orleans (2024)

1. Jacques Imo's Cafe | Real New Orleans Food

  • History · Reviews · Private Parties · Catering

  • Jacques-Imo's Cafe is one of the hottest tickets in New Orleans for anyone looking for "real Nawlin' food." Find us uptown at 8324 Oak Street.

2. Find Real New Orleans Food - Jacques Imo's Menu

  • Jacques Imos Regular Menu · Jimos Specials Menu · Fried Grits · Crab Cakes

  • Take a look at Jacques Imo's menu to see the finest "real Nawlins" food anywhere in New Orleans. Find us uptown at 8324 Oak Street.

Find Real New Orleans Food - Jacques Imo's Menu

3. Jacques-Imo's Cafe - New Orleans

Jacques-Imo's Cafe - New Orleans

4. Jacques Imo's | New Orleans LA - Facebook

  • Looking for dinner on a Tuesday night? We're open today! Join us for Blackened Redfish, Fried Chicken, Grilled Grouper, and don't forget our signature Shrimp

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

5. Annunciation Restaurant – Cajun and Creole Food | New Orleans, LA

6. Jack Rose - New Orleans

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  • A manifestation of New Orleans’ love of celebration through food (and drink), Jack Rose is a lively concept from QED Hospitality in New Orleans’ historic Pontchartrain Hotel.

Jack Rose - New Orleans

7. MaMou | French Restaurant in New Orleans, LA

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  • Opening Summer 2022, MaMou is a modern French brasserie from Executive Chef Tom Branighan and Sommelier Molly Wismeier.

MaMou | French Restaurant in New Orleans, LA

8. 192lbs to kg - Greek Spider

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  • Greek Spider: Your Guide to Greece and Cyprus!

9. Brennan's Restaurant : A New Orleans Tradition Since 1946 : French ...

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  • Brennan's Restaurant is a New Orleans restaurant tradition since 1946. Our innovative Creole menu borrows influences from French and Spanish ancestry with modern updates and distinct seasonal offerings. Old-world elegance inspired dining rooms, and personable, attentive service, create a unique and sophisticated experience.

10. Jack Dempsey's - New Orleans

  • Jack Dempsey's Restaurant is loved by locals as a New Orleans' family-owned eatery located on Poland Avenue in the Bywater area of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jackomos Restaurant New Orleans (2024)


Does New Orleans have a revolving restaurant? ›

A long-time New Orleans hotspot, the Carousel Bar & Lounge in Hotel Monteleone is a lively and alluring revolving bar – the only of its kind in the city.

Where is the Old Kolb's restaurant in New Orleans? ›

Kolb's was just off Canal Street, the center of all commerce in New Orleans. It was a half-block from the St. Charles Hotel, the leading hostelry in the city at that time.

Why is it called revolving restaurant? ›

A revolving restaurant or rotating restaurant is a tower restaurant designed to rest atop a broad circular revolving platform that operates as a large turntable. The building remains stationary and the diners are carried on the revolving floor.

What is the largest revolving restaurant in the world? ›

The largest revolving restaurant is Bellini, located on the 45th floor of Mexico City's World Trade Center. The restaurant has an area of 1,044.66 m² (11,244.58 ft²). The restaurant has a capcity for 332 people and was originally opened in 1994.

What is the oldest continuous restaurant in New Orleans? ›

1840. It all started here. Antoine's Restaurant is still owned and operated by fifth generation relatives of the original founder, Antoine Alciatore. The world-renowned French-Creole cuisine, impeccable service, and unique atmosphere have combined to create an unmatched dining experience in New Orleans since 1840.

Who owns Arnaud's restaurant in New Orleans? ›

Arnaud's is owned and operated by Katy and Archie Casbarian, along with their mother Jane. The brother and sister team took over the reins from their late father, Archie, who acquired the restaurant in 1978. The family is the second set of proprietors the restaurant has ever known.

Where is the twin span in New Orleans? ›

The I-10 Twin Span Bridge, a nearly 5.5-mile (8.9 km) causeway officially known as the Frank Davis "Naturally N'Awlins" Memorial Bridge, consists of two parallel trestle bridges. These parallel bridges cross the eastern end of Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana from New Orleans to Slidell.

How long is the rotation at the Carousel Bar New Orleans? ›

A full revolution takes 15 minutes — hardly enough centripetal force to give anyone motion sickness.

When did the revolving restaurant close? ›

The viewing platform was closed to the public after a bomb exploded there in 1971. This, coupled with the lease from Butlin's ending, meant the restaurant was closed to the public in 1980, restricting the venue to invitation-only for special occasions.

Which US city has a famous rotating carousel themed bar? ›

Live Entertainment Every Wednesday – Saturday

The Carousel Bar opened inside the historic Hotel Monteleone in 1949, becoming New Orleans' first and only rotating bar.

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