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Love has a Price

Quest Giver
Location Driftwood Tavern
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Love has a Price is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.Short description goes here.

Important NPCs

  • Lovrik
  • Zharah (if you choose a female prostitute)/Zharat (if you choose male)

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Love has a PriceObjectives

  1. Pay for the prostitute and meet him/her upstair

How to Make Zharah Fall for You (non-undead/Red Prince)

1. Go. Don't look back. Run away/Flee (for some reason these change, but they all work)
2. Get out now while you still can/Flee (for some reason these change, but they all work)
3. Give her a stern look... then smile. Hook a finger towards here: 'Come here'
4. Tell her she's beautiful... but you can't do it.
5. Forget it. Turn away.
6. Tell her she should be paying you. Make to walk away.
7. Wait.
8. Sounds like a challenge. You're in.
9. Sidle back to her. Take her into your arms, into your heart, into your very being...
10. Ask what the hell is going on.
11. Appeal to your lizard lover for help.
12. Either one.
Congrats! Your lizard lover will give you a unique dagger (Ornate Dagger) and fight the dwarves with you!

Love has a Price Walkthrough

A man named Lovirk at Driftwood tavern promises you 'something exotic' that is worth trying. If you convince him via speech check or tell him a good joke about talking dogs via the Jester-tagged dialogue options, he will waive the initial fee (else, it'll cost 150 gold). You will gain 3000XP for this. After he reveals his non-negotiable exotic fee of 100 gold, he will give you the key to a suite on the 2nd floor.

Use the character and enter the suite alone, then talk to the lizard and spend a night there. You will receive, 6000XP. If you refuse the prostitute, you will receive, 3000XP and have to try again with another character. The next morning, some thugs (about 5 of them) will suddenly show up while you are naked, demanding money. If you are Ifan ben-Mezd, the thugs will recognize you and leave. Otherwise, you will have to pay them or fight. Your gear is in the burgled backpack on a table next to the bed. If you are playing as the Red Prince, then the lizard you meet will turn into the Red Princess instead. If you are undead, the prostitute will fight with you.

Head back down and confront Lovrik, and he will claim he did all these for his daughter. If you ask the cook, you will learn that he's lying, and you will find that he fled while you weren't there. If the cook is dead, then you won't find anything and the quest can't proceed until you kill him. Killing him grants no XP, but he has a significant amount of gold on his corpse. If you did kill the thugs and confront Lovrik, you can also spare his life and the quest will conclude rewarding you a final 3000XP (after which you can kill him anyway to get the gold too, though the quest will have already been completed, and the log will not update further). If you believe he has a daughter, Lovrik will flee, concluding the quest but granting no additional XP.

Bug:If you use The Red Prince to engage in this quest, there is a chance that the quest will hang after the sexual encounter and Lovrik won'thave any additional dialogue options for you to progress with the quest. And even if you kill Lovrik, there is a chance that the quest still won't close.

Tips & Tricks

  • Swap the key to the suite to a party member that isn't spending the night. This way you'll be able to send in your party at the start of the fight.
  • You cangiveyour equipment toa party memberbefore the sexual encounter, then return itprior to combat (be sure to re-equip it).
  • If you have already found two Teleport Pyramids, you can use them to teleport to your party member. (lore friendly).
  • You can change your mind about spending the night withZharah/Zharat. Depending on the dialogue, you can either flee the exotic encounter for 1000XP or anger the lizard courtesan for 3000XP. After which you can talk to the lizard with a new character andpay another 100 gold to Lovrik to try again.So you can gain up to, 4000XP this way. And finally, 6000XP more when you decide to go through with it.
  • If you sleepwith Zharah/Zharat as the Red Prince, you will not be robbedor get the experience and this quest will close. This is not recommended if you want the max experience.
  • If you sleep withZharah/Zharat as Ifan, you will have a special dialogue and may avoid the robbery.
  • Killing the prostitute will end the quest.
  • The prostitute has a soft spot for undead.
  • If you lose your gear to the muggers and are unable to kill them, you can find it in a "burgled backpack" on a table in Lohar's room.
  • While most of the muggers have spell armor, they are generally lacking in physical armor (though it is still unwise to attempt to solo this encounter).
  • If you deny theprostitute to the point she/heoffers to give you your money back after, then finally takes her/himin, the prostitute will fall for you. You will know because instead of your world explodes, it is her/his world that explodes. After which, she/he will fight along your side.
  • The prostitute has a unique level 11 dagger (18-19 damage) which you can pickpocket. She/he can also give you this dagger in the fight if she/he has fallen for you. You will have to appeal for help first.
  • If you manage to keep theprostitute alive after killing the thugs, you can choose to go again with him/her, depending on the dialogue. If she's fallen for you or if you are undead, she will go again with you regardless.

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Love has a Price | Divinity Original Sin 2 Wiki (2024)


Can you romance Lohse as a woman? ›

Anyone can be romanced by everyone.

Can you romance anyone in Divinity: Original Sin 2? ›

In fact, all of them are available for romance, but some are better than others. Of course, this is completely subjective, but there's no denying that some of the heroes in the game simply have a more likable personality than others, making them more alluring and fitting romances for the character in question.

Where is Lovrik divinity 2? ›

Head to the tavern (west of the Driftwood Square waypoint) and speak with Lovrik on the ground floor. Convince him to let you see his special escort, then go up to meet them on the third floor.

How to make zharah fall for you? ›

How to Make Zharah Fall for You (non-undead/Red Prince)
  1. Go. Don't look back. ...
  2. Get out now while you still can/Flee (for some reason these change, but they all work)
  3. Give her a stern look... ...
  4. Tell her she's beautiful... but you can't do it.
  5. Forget it. ...
  6. Tell her she should be paying you. ...
  7. Wait.
  8. Sounds like a challenge.
Mar 7, 2022

Who can you romance as a Sith Inquisitor? ›

Romance Options
Andronikos RevelSith InquisitorYes
Ashara ZavrosSith InquisitorYes
Talos DrellikSith InquisitorNo
XalekSith InquisitorNo
38 more rows

Who can you marry in Inquisition? ›

Marriage with NPCs are always an endgame event, and NPCs that can marry the player throughout the game series include Alistair, Anora, Sera, and Cullen. However, there are others who hint about being open to marriage or even getting married off-screen, like Sebastian, Cassandra, and Dorian.

Can Fane romance anyone? ›

Yes. Yes you can... somehow Sebille caused goosebumbs on his skin with her kisses even though he wasnt shapeshifted at all so the game literally ignores racial "obstacles" So i bet even a dwarf love a human both standing upright without using a ladder any of both.

What happens if you kiss Dorotya Divinity 2? ›

Once you meet her, she will suddenly transform into a giant spider looking to "kiss" you. You must decide whether to let her or to draw your weapon and fight. If you choose to let her kiss you, your character will receive a permanent talent called "Spider's Kiss", with an effect that's based on your choice of vision.

Can you romance Ifan in DOS2? ›

Ifan Ben-Mezd - To romance Ifan, players will have to help him exact his revenge against Lucian's son. Killing Alexander will complete Ifan's quest. Players must avoid choosing to make Lucian Divine again, or Ifan will despise them.

Where does Red Prince go Divinity 2? ›

If you have not left Fort Joy into the Hollow Marshes, Red Prince can be found on the rock not far from where you was up on the beach. If you have unlocked Amadia's Sanctuary and transported the Red Prince to the sanctuary, if you dismiss him, the Red Prince should be on a platform near Exter.

Where is the little girl in divinity 2? ›

The child is locked in one of the three basem*nts on the Bloodmoon island. To unlock them you will need someone with the Scholar tag and to read a book called something-Hymn, that can be found in the Ryker's basem*nt and in the Bloodmoon island vault.

Where is the invisible kid divinity 2? ›

If you speak to the small boy in the cave he will ask to play hide and seek. Do it once, then a second time. The second time he goes invisible, but he always hides in the same spot, right in the sand where the sunlight is beaming in. It's the same spot where the Withermoore's Soul Jar quest hatch is found.

Can I romance Lohse? ›

If players want a romance with a lighter personality and a huge dash of daring, Lohse is the best girl for them. Together, they can conquer Lohse's demon passenger.

Can you romance the Red Prince in Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

It's not in the game, but it's wonderful to imagine. -He still loves you. The Prince openly tells you he plans to marry another and you romancing him doesn't change that, but he still opens his heart for you.

How not to fall for someone easily? ›

Tips for avoiding falling in love too quickly
  • Consider if someone is right or wrong for you. ...
  • Avoid social media pitfalls. ...
  • Focus on other priorities and activities. ...
  • Get support from friends and family. ...
  • Realize your individual worth. ...
  • Determine what you're really looking for.

Who can you romance as a female in Dragon Age? ›

There are four companions who can be romanced. Morrigan (a "Witch of the Wilds") and Alistair (a young and humorous Grey Warden) are the heterosexual options; Leliana (a Chantry lay-sister with a mysterious past) and Zevran (an assassin of the guild of Antivan Crows) are bisexual romance options.

What is the best role for Lohse? ›

Recommended Starting Class: Enchanter

Lohse will ask to start as an Enchanter, which is also the most ideal Class for her as a Spellcaster. The Class starts with a good pairing of Hydrosophist and Aerotheurge, which easily gives way to devastating AOE attacks.

Can you romance everyone in Inquisition? ›

Serious relationships (that is, relationships with long-term game consequences that may affect the endings) are limited to eight characters.

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