Love Has a Price - Divinity: Original Sin II Guide - IGN (2024)

Love Has a Price is one of the many Quests found in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

  • This begins in Driftwood. Head to the tavern (west of the Driftwood Square waypoint) and speak with Lovrik on the ground floor. Convince him to let you see his special escort, then go up to meet them on the third floor.
  • You need to enter alone and then sleep with them. When you wake up, your items are all gone and some people extort you for money, or force you to fight, or neither and will make off with your items.
  • There are several ways to handle this encounter. You can leave the lockpicks on your other three party members then have them rush in to save you. You can also use the teleportation pyramids you got during Intermission: Lady Vengeance. Place one as your main character before sleeping with the escort, then once you wake up, teleport your allies in. Of course, you can always just pay, or let them take your gear and hunt it down later. If you're the Red Prince or Ifan you'll have unique options.
  • After it's all done you can head downstairs and deal with Lovrik how you see fit. His story of having a little one is fake but be cautious if you attack in public, it could get you in trouble.
Love Has a Price - Divinity: Original Sin II Guide - IGN (2024)
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