Papa John's Pizza Hours of Operation and Holiday Hours (2024)

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Papa John's Hours

What is Papa John's regular open hour? What is Papa John's holiday hour? What is Papa John's opening hour on Saturday/Sunday? See: Papa John's Hours


Papa John's Holiday Hours

Check out Papa John's holiday opening status in the following list.

Papa John's Pizza Are Open on:
New Year's Day - 01/01/2024Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) - 01/15/2024
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday - 02/13/2024Valentine's Day - 02/14/2024
Presidents Day - 02/19/2024St. Patrick's Day - 03/17/2024
Good Friday - 03/29/2024Easter Sunday - 03/31/2024
Easter Monday - 04/10/2024Cinco de Mayo - 05/05/2024
Mother's Day - 05/12/2024Memorial Day - 05/27/2024
Father's Day - 06/16/2024Independence Day (4th of July) - 07/04/2024
Labor Day - 09/02/2024Columbus Day - 10/14/2024
Halloween - 10/31/2024Veterans Day - 11/11/2024
Black Friday - 11/29/2024Christmas Eve - 12/24/2024
Day After Christmas (Dec. 26) - 12/26/2024New Year's Eve - 12/31/2024
Papa John's Pizza Are Closed on:
Thanksgiving Day - 11/23/2024Christmas Day - 12/25/2024

Attention: For the specific opening time of Papa John's on holidays, please check on each Papa John's store listed on its official website.

Papa John's Regular Open Hours

Most Papa John's restaurants will be open during the following hours. For specific hours, please contact each Papa John's restaurant directly.

Wendy's Regular Open Hours
Monday10:00 am - 12:00 am
Tuesday10:00 am - 12:00 am
Wednesday10:00 am - 12:00 am
Thursday10:00 am - 12:00 am
Friday10:00 am - 12:00 am
Saturday10:00 am - 12:00 am
Sunday10:00 am - 12:00 am


Papa John's Location

Where is the Papa John's near me? How to get to the Papa John's Pizza on Broad Street? What is the specific address of Papa John's in Park Ave? See: Papa John's Locations

  • 1. Browse By Category: Go to "Restaurant" category listed at the top of Hours Guide homepage, click on it, find Papa John's, browse by your state and city, then all the Papa John's in your city will come out, along with their phone numbers and open hours.
  • 2. Browse By State: Go to "Browse By State" Section listed at the left bottom of Hours Guide homepage, click on it, browse by your state and city, then it will come to the "category" page, choose "Restaurants", find Papa John's Pizza, click on it, then you will find the Papa John's Pizza in your city, choose the one nearest you.
  • 3. Papa John's Store Locator: Go to Papa John's official website,, find "Locations" section at the right top of its homepage, click on it, type in your street address, city and state, or Zip code, then the Papa John's Pizza store that matches your condition will come out, together with their phone numbers, delivery and carryout hours.
  • 4. Google Map: Google map the Papa John's Pizza on your street or near you, then it will direct you how to get there.
  • 5. Papa John's Pizza App: Download a Papa John's App on your phone, and it can tell you the Papa John's Pizza store near you even when you are on the go.

Papa John's Menu and Price

Papa John's Pizza Hours of Operation and Holiday Hours (2)

Papa John's menu mainly includes pizza, sides, desserts, drinks and extras. See: Papa John's Menu

  • Papa's Picks: Create-your-own pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Sausage Pizza, Cheese Pizza.
  • Papa's Signature Specialties: John's Favorite, The Works, The Meats, Spicy Italian, BBQ Chicken Bacon, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken.
  • Papa's Meatless Specialties: Garden Fresh, Spinach Alfredo, Tuscan Six Cheese.
  • Papa's Lighter Choices: Mediterranean Veggie, Chicken and Veggie, Grilled Chicken and Canadian Bacon, Tropical Luau.

Papa John's Coupons And Deals

  • Coupons: There are no coupons on Papa John's official website, but customers still can find coupons on other websites, and they can be used on Papa John's store.
  • Deals: Papa John's Pizza will have some time-limited offers and deals from time to time. Customers may also go to your local Papa John's Pizza and find out the deals and specials they are offering.
  • Email & Text Deals: Sign up your email or enter your phone number, you will get Papa's Email and Text Offers like special discounts, exclusive offers and sweepstakes, immediate notifications of promotions and new menu items.

Papa John's Pizza Nutrition And Allergens

At Papa John's official website, there is a nutrition section, which helps customers find out the nutrition contained in the food they eat, and better balance their diet. It also has the allergens reference to help customers avoid the unnecessary allergy.

Papa John's Pizza Hours of Operation and Holiday Hours (2024)


How long can you leave Papa Johns pizza out? ›

“According to the USDA, after two hours, you want to either heat the pizza back up or put it in the refrigerator to cool it down.

Who is Papa Johns owner? ›

John Hampton "Papa John" Schnatter (born November 22 or 23, 1961) is an American entrepreneur who founded the Papa John's pizza restaurant chain in 1984.

What is the average delivery time for Papa Johns? ›

Ideally papa John's aims for 35 minutes. If this order is an aberration it could be a weather.. traffic or driver issue. If the tardiness is a regular thing than it is very likely a staffing issue.

How many inches is a large Papa Johns pizza? ›

The large pizza cuts into 10 slices and is super dreamy! That is 13.5″ of pizza.

Can you eat 1 day old pizza not refrigerated? ›

Sorry to break the news, but pizza should absolutely not be stored at room temperature overnight. In fact, it shouldn't even spend more than a few hours on the counter. The temperature range of 40-140°F is widely known as the temperature danger zone—a.k.a. the climate where bacteria can thrive.

Can I eat 3 day old pizza? ›

According to the USDA, if the pizza has been refrigerated at a temperature below 40 degrees, its only safe to eat for up to 4 days. The USDA says that after 4 days, you run the risk of getting a food-borne illness, such as Salmonella, norovirus, or other diseases with horrifying Latin names.

Is Shaquille O'Neal part owner of Papa Johns? ›

O'Neal has been a proprietor of the chain since 2018, not long before he took Papa Johns into his business portfolio. This doesn't sound like a true breakup between Papa Johns and the NBA star. It's more of a “see you later.”

Is Papa Johns closing in 2024? ›

Global pizza chain Papa John's has revealed that it plans to shut down 43 restaurants across the UK in the coming months, with 16 in London to close. It comes as the takeaway business confirmed plans to axe the “underperforming” locations after launching a review at the start of 2024.

Why is Papa Johns changing their name? ›

As noted by the outlet, removing the apostrophe may be yet another way that Papa Johns is distancing itself from founder John Schnatter. Schnatter had stepped down as CEO in 2018 after criticizing the NFL (which Papa John's had sponsored) for its handling of the national anthem kneeling protests.

What is a clean cut pizza? ›

Simply put, pizza that is clean cut has been sliced with clean, or fresh, cutting tools. This means that the pizza slicer or cutting tool has not been used on any other dish prior to slicing your pizza.

What is the SM25 code for Papa Johns? ›

What Is the SM25 Code for Papa John's? According to our coupon data, SM25 was a popular, long-running Papa John's deal that discounted 25% off menu items sitewide.

How many pizzas for 10 people? ›

With this rule, depending on the number of people you're ordering for, you should order the following number of pizzas: Five people: Order two pizzas, assuming each person eats 15 slices. 10 people: Order four pizzas, as guests will likely eat a total of 30 slices.

What is Papa John's best selling pizza? ›

Your choice of crust covered with our signature pizza sauce, real cheese made from mozzarella, and pepperoni. With a pepperoni in almost every bite, it's one of our most popular pizzas.

Is 2 medium pizzas bigger than a large Papa John's? ›

The standard medium pizza is usually a 12-in. circle, whereas a standard large pizza is a 14-in. circle. It seems like you'll have nearly twice as much pizza for roughly the same price if you order two mediums.

How big is an XXL pizza from Papa John's? ›

Like its namesake, this extra-large-sharing-pizza comes in at a whopping 15.5”, making it the only pizza you'll want to share with your friends and family this holiday season.

Can you eat Papa John's left out overnight? ›

Like other perishable foods, pizza that has been at room temperature—or anywhere in the 40°F to 140°F danger zone— for more than two hours should not be consumed, confirms Meredith Carothers, a food safety specialist with the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Can you eat Papa John's pizza the next day? ›

Pizza is generally safe to eat after it has been refrigerated for a few days, but it will not taste as fresh as it did when it was first made.

Is it safe to eat food left out for 4 hours? ›

Myth: You shouldn't put hot foods in the refrigerator.

If you leave food out to cool and forget about it after 2 hours, throw it away. Bacteria can grow rapidly on food left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

How long can you leave a Papa Murphy's pizza out before you cook it? ›

Bake within 60 minutes of purchase or refrigerate. If refrigerated, remove 60 minutes prior to baking for crust to rise. Always bake pizzas within 24 hours of purchase.

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