Princess Haze (Brothers Grimm) :: Cannabis Strain Info (2024)

Princess Haze is an indica/sativa variety from Brothers Grimm and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±67 days) and outdoors. Brothers Grimms Princess Haze is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Brothers Grimms Princess Haze Description

Princess Haze boasts a sky-high THC level of 26% and serves up a stimulating cerebral effect. Her unique phytochemical constituents also offer rare tastes of tea and honey. Learn everything you need to know about this alluring sativa-dominant hybrid below.

History of the Princess Haze Strain

Princess Haze derives from a breeding program carried out by the Colorado-based seed bank Brothers Grimm Seeds. These growers and breeders started making their genetics commercially available back in 1996—the era when legendary breeders first started realizing the potential of the internet for seed distribution. Alongside their own strains, the company also provides genetics from other reputable breeders, including Green Bodhi, Romulan Genetics, and Purple City Genetics. Overall, they prioritize exotic, unusual, and potent strains—a penchant that gave rise to varieties such as Princess Haze. While this cultivar has yet to win any major awards, her unusual flavor profile and hard-hitting high have allowed her to gain some serious grassroots traction.

Genetic Lineage of Princess Haze

Before starting the breeding process, breeders at Brothers Grimm Seeds knew what they wanted in their next strain. They envisioned sky-high levels of THC, boatloads of delicious terpenes, and a rare and unusual flavor profile seldom found elsewhere. To get this project off the ground, they settled on two potent and delicious varieties: Princess and Super Silver Haze.

The crew at Brothers Grimm Seeds selected Princess—one of their own superstar cultivars—to lay the genetic foundation for their new creation. The team gave rise to this variety by pairing a Jack Herer female with an unknown male. Jack Herer, named after its namesake author and cannabis activist, has long stood as a popular sativa-dominant hybrid loved for its creative effects and piney aromas. As the progeny of Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk, it passed down some seriously legendary genetics. Princess produces a relaxing and euphoric high alongside serious cases of the munchies. She boasts a unique aromatic profile that features hints of tea, coffee, and earthiness.

So, what strain did the breeders over at Brothers Grimm Seeds cross with Princess in order to achieve their desired progeny? Well, it’s time to meet Super Silver Haze. This creation of Green House Seeds won the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 1997, 1998, and 1999. As the progeny of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, the cultivar produces delightfully sticky buds and churns out terpenes that fill the air with scents of spice, herbs, citrus, and skunk. While modern growers have many genetics to choose from, Super Silver Haze has maintained her popularity in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam and the dispensaries of California.

Physical Characteristics of Princess Haze

Princess Haze possesses a sativa-dominant genetic profile—a trait that is demonstrated in her morphology. This variety features a quintessential sativa structure without the extreme height of pure sativa cultivars. Her Christmas tree-like shape features a large central cola flanked by smaller buds lower down in the canopy. The bottom of her main stem quickly thickens during the vegetative phase, providing support against gusts of wind outdoors. Her long internodes create an aerated canopy that requires less frequent defoliation than more bushy varieties. Her narrow leaflets, typically present on sativa-dominant cultivars, also help light filter through to inner bud sites more easily.

Princess Haze produces relatively tall and dense central colas. Buds that grow lower down the plant are more stout in stature but equally thick and dense. Her inflorescences feature small sugar leaves that are easy to trim away, as well as a heavy coating of trichomes that makes this variety highly suitable for crafting concentrates and extracts. Princess Haze maintains a steady luscious green color throughout the majority of the growing cycle. You’ll notice plants start to develop a slight yellow hue during the tail-end of the blooming phase, especially if you decide to flush them.

Properties and Effects of Princess Haze

Despite her unassuming name, Princess Haze delivers a potent, fast-acting, and long-lasting psychoactive effect to those who choose to smoke her. Brace yourself for a zingy and stimulating cognitive high that will put you in the mood to spring into action and start ticking those lingering tasks off your to-do list. Both Princess and Super Silver Haze passed down mighty levels of THC to their progeny. Princess Haze buds clock in with an average of 26%, a quantity that makes the strain among the strongest you can get your hands on.

But these cannabinoids don’t work alone to produce Princess Haze’s high. Large concentrations of specific terpenes also play an important role. Myrcene, a fruity monoterpene, adds a relaxing and slightly stoning element to the mix. Next up we have caryophyllene, a soothing terpene that adds a sense of physical relaxation. Finally, the citrusy limonene helps to drive the cognitive and stimulating effects of this strain.

You’ll experience a rare and unique flavor profile when smoking these flowers, quite unlike anything you’ve smoked before. Her chemical constituents generate unusual but pleasant flavors of honey, tea, and fruit.

Uses of Princess Haze

Many cannabis users reach for their stash of Princess Haze buds when they feel like getting creative. This cultivar gets the cogs of the minds turning and helps smokers hone in on whatever task they need to tackle. For this reason, Princess Haze serves as a great wake-and-bake variety. However, her high THC content means anyone taking this approach needs to go low and slow to avoid going back to bed before the day truly begins.

Overall, users recommend enjoying Princess Haze:

• During weekend mornings and vacations

• At the beach or out in nature

• After a workout

• At social gatherings

Given its high THC content, Princess Haze can cause the following side effects:

• Dry mouth

• Paranoia/feelings of nervousness

Cultivation and Production of Princess Haze

Princess Haze grows well in both indoor and outdoor settings. Plants grow to a medium height in both environments, and cultivators can keep specimens even more compact by applying LST or ScrOG during early veg. These techniques will keep the canopy lower to the ground while increasing productivity. Prepare to harvest rewarding yields following a flowering phase of 9–10 weeks.

Princess Haze: A Striking Sativa Specimen

Princess Haze descends from a Brothers Grimm Seeds breeding project that aimed to produce a progeny packed with THC and unusual but pleasant flavors. They achieved this outcome using legendary parent genetics Princess and Super Silver Haze. Overall, Princess Haze boasts a THC content of 26% and rare flavors of tea and honey. Take things low and slow to test the waters of this powerful and stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid.

Princess Haze (Brothers Grimm) :: Cannabis Strain Info (2024)
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