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KimBedford, NH

Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 1, 2024

Match customer service is the worst I have ever seen with any business anywhere. There is no direct number and when you write an email, you get canned answers in return. The email is signed by a person’s name but when you try to reply, it doesn’t go to that person. You get a reply from a completely different person. I accidentally entered my email address incorrectly. They let me pay for 6 months with no problem, but now I can’t access my account and I have been trying for 2 weeks- sending multiple emails - to have them correct my email address, but have had no results at all. Replies are canned and no one does anything to help. Waste of money!

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MimiPickering, ON

Customer Service

Reviewed June 30, 2024

This dating app is garbage. Every time I go on discover mode I get all the same men's profiles. After a month or so I gave up on it and sent them an email explaining and asking for a refund of the remainder of my 6 month subscription. Got an automated message telling me how to cancel auto renewal of the subscription, not a word about possible refund. Total waste of money.

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AdamSacramento, CA

Reviewed June 28, 2024 is a joke. I been on here for 3 months. Pay all this money, send messages and never had one response back to the person I have liked. I give it a thumbs down. To be honest I'm pretty sure that there are so many scammers on here it's foul. I'm voicing my opinion.

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LeilaDallas, TX

Verified purchase

Customer Service

Reviewed June 20, 2024

I receive emails stating someone liked me or message me and Nothing comes up when I click on it. I’m very unsatisfied with Match. I want to cancel, I feel I only get bigots' email to lure me to up subscription. How much you will refund me, if I cancel. I should get full refund. I haven’t checked the rating but either it’s a malfunction or Match is not what used to be, honest.

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StephenRichmond, VA

Reviewed June 20, 2024

Dating sites are a classic bait-and-switch for men. The sites push potential matches to you but with clouded-over faces. To see the people you have to pay. After you pay and uncover your "matches" you see that they do not match any of your preferences, live far away and aren't even close to dating material if they are even real. I demanded refunds from every dating site I tried accusing them of bait-and-switching me. I got my refunds. Dating sites are all scams.

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GinaMinneapolis, MN

Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

Reviewed June 20, 2024

I decided to test the waters, purchasing a Bronze membership. When I discovered that I wasn’t able to read messages, see likes and could only view about 6-10 profiles, I reached out to the customer support email. I received canned answers. I asked what was include with a Bronze membership and this is what I was told. As a Bronze member, you can: Message members you match with for free, Explore unlimited profiles, Send one free intro per day, Use unlimited rewinds. My account shows there are 812 members that meet my criteria and I can see 6. The rest are greyed out and I’m told I must purchase a platinum membership to see them. As far as messaging those I match with for free, how can I match with anyone when I can’t see them? This site is a scam! Don’t waste your time or money. You’ll never get answers to any questions. I’ve been trying for days.

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BeckyHopkins, MN


Reviewed June 18, 2024

I purposely sat out a place where I could leave a review and I never take the time to do that. I will send it to a show with the representative of and I tell you what - I fell for it, she was absolutely amazing, she actually had some really great advice... But the website was absolutely horrible. I paid what I think to be a lot of money for an entire month and hardly got any matches, it was absolutely ridiculous, the thing is I was so overwhelmed by some of the other websites that I felt like I needed a secretary to keep things straight so I did want one more aimed towards me personally but it was so absolutely ridiculous. Sorry guys but you need to do way better, especially for what you're charging. Don't set yourself up with an amazing selling representative and then not follow through.

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CATHYPicton, Other

Sales & MarketingOnline & App

Reviewed June 15, 2024

A terrible dating site. It is full of profiles of people who have cancelled their subscription and are no longer active on the site, yet they continue to be displayed as though they are active. I know this for a fact because, despite being on the app for a little over a month, I was trying to delete some old, non-responsive “Likes” of mine. I’m a really decent catch, so I couldn’t believe that out of 100 profiles that I had “liked”, only three had “liked” me back. At first, I could delete the old “likes” easily by dragging left on the profile in the list and selecting the offered “delete” option, however, after several profile “deletes”, the functionality suddenly disappeared. Not being one to give up easily, I reverted to “blocking” my old “likes”.

Normally, when you select “block” for a profile, you then have to select the option “confirm” to execute the block. When I blocked most of the old “likes”, instead of getting the option to “confirm”, the message “Profile Unavailable” popped up. (See picture #1) So I’ve been busy reading and “liking” profiles that shouldn’t even be there. To further prove this point, at the bottom of the “Profile Unavailable” page, there are still the options to Message, Super Like, or Like. I selected “Like” on the profile that was “Unavailable” and was then given the option to message the person. Even though they aren’t even there! (See picture #2) What a scam, and a complete waste of time and money.

Add to this that I have read numerous reviews that Match makes it very difficult to delete your account. Yes, you can deactivate it easily, but try deleting it. So, what is doing is keeping deactivated accounts “active” on their site so they can deceitfully inflate their number of users when in actuality, there are not many fish in their sea.

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BillGeorgetown, TX

Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed June 14, 2024

Any tricks or hacks to get faster help from Match customer service like maybe actually talk to someone??!! I paid the most expensive subscription and can't use any of the services by not being able to get past the phone and account verification screen. I put in several "customer care" trouble forms then waited days to get a response or have to verify myself by answering 5 questions then waited days for a response of it having to be sent to another department so now am guessing I will have to wait for no telling how many days again. Dang!!! I tried many phone numbers found online and no luck. A chat feature on Facebook didn't work either.

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I also have the same problem. I changed my number and so I couldn’t verify my account and I put in loads of request forms. The most they did was send me an email asking that I answer 5 questions which I did and still waiting. No phone number either. Super disappointed in them to say the least

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Demand your money back asap, I did and got it back. It will never be resolved and no way to turn off auto renewal. They kept saying will send it to another department.

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amrAsheboro , NC

Reviewed June 12, 2024

What a big JOKE that thing I’ve been on the dating website trying with 10s if it’s not 100s of ladies for about 3 months now & not even a single date. Almost all the profiles I feel they’re fake & the ones maybe not fake all the ladies pretty much wants to go to the beach, travel, go out, bars, restaurants, mountains… etc lol. Not a single woman on that website looking for a good hard-working man & also the ladies on that website, it’s totally ok with them to have kids as a single mom but it’s not okay for men to have kids as a single dad lol, what a waste of time & moo for a VERY busy person like me!!!! Let say I might be UGLY, okay that’s fine with me but where’s the ugly women at.

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Top 3,384 Reviews From Legit Buyers (2024)
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