Valiant Business Finance Australia Review & Analysis (2024)

This review of Valiant Finance will allow you to better understand who Valiant Finance are as a company and how they differ from traditional Australian online lenders. We will provide a full breakdown of Valiant Finance’s offering so we can better understand their role in the online Australian lending market. We also look at the company history and financial backing of Valiant to learn more about their strategy. Finally, we will of course delve into the existing Valiant Finance reviews that exist online so we can understand what the people who have used Valiant Finance before have to say about their experiences.

®️ Logo:Valiant Business Finance Australia Review & Analysis (1)
ABN:95 606 560 150
Credit License:500 888
Loan Amount$5,000 – $20,000,000
⏲️ Loan Term3 months to 7 years
Unsecured Loans?Specialist Secured Funding Facilitator
⌚ Lender RequirementsBeing a broker working with many lenders, it will provide help to any type of business
Required:Personal Identity Documents + Company Bank Statements (for some types of loans)
⏱️ Response Time:Fast response time.
Easy to Apply:Yes, fully online and a team of experts on hand to speak with should applicants get stuck.

The Nitty-gritty

Online Reviews:5 / 5 on TrustPilot, based on 2,850 reviews.

4.8 / 5 on Google Reviews with 418 reviews.

Awards and Recognition:None
Minimal Interest Rates:Start from 7.1% p.a.
⚖️ Advantages
  • Straightforward fee structure
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Many types of loans
  • Fair amount of lenders offered in the platform
  • Better than using a broker in many use-cases.
⚖️ Disadvantages
  • Many businesses who apply end up unapproved for loans.
  • The borrower’s questionnaire on Valiant isn’t always helpful. For example: if you state you are a business that does not own property and need working capital, their recommendation is to use a chattel mortgage.
  • There are business financing marketplaces with more lender selection and even more flexibility on terms (like Lend, our #1 choice in this space).
Compare Valiant Finance
Valiant vs top competitor, Lend (
  • Lend has more lender selection
  • Lend deals with more types of loans
  • Lend’s application form offers a smoother experience

That’s why Lend is our #1 ranked business lending platform (Lend review) and ranks above Valiant Finance.

Review Table of Contents
  • What is Valiant Financing? How does it work?
  • Is Valiant Safe and Reliable?
  • Do clients like Valient? What do we think of it?

Is Valiant a Lender?

Firstly, it’s important to note Valiant Finance ( is not a direct lender in itself. It does not provide small business financing, and does not aspire to be a lender. Valiant is an Australian small business lending marketplace that connects potential lenders and borrowers.

How Does Valiant work?

Valiant Finance is quite a simple proposition both to understand and use. After completing the basic details of your loan requirements such as the loan amount you are seeking and the purpose of the loan, Valiant ask more detailed questions to better understand your business. Once Valiant understands what’s most important for your business and how you operate – such as whether you invoice clients or accept card payments – Valiant can then match you with the appropriate lenders. For example, if working capital is important to you and you do invoice clients, Valiant will consider relevant invoice financing companies as well as traditional upfront unsecured business loan providers.

Valiant Business Finance Australia Review & Analysis (2)

Valiant’s system will automatically match the relevant offers for you based on the details you’ve input and you’ll even be able to keep track of how many providers might be relevant to you throughout the process. If you’re looking for a generic business loan for expansion then you’ll see a wide variety of solutions available but if you’re looking for a specialised loan for a business acquisition then you’ll see only the niche providers who are relevant to you. Considering Valiant work with over 80 lenders they’re just about your best bet for finding a lending solution no matter what your requirements are.

Which Lenders Do Valiant Finance Work With?

Valint work with all of the most highly regarded online lenders in Australia. Prospa, Get Capital, Spotcap, Lumi and Capify, to name just a few. As well as traditional business loans Valiant partner with providers specialising in a huge variety of financing solutions. Including the peer-to-peer lending company Ratesetter, invoice financing companies such as Waddle and the hybrid peer-to-peer and invoice backed lending solution by InvoiceX.

Valiant don’t stop there either, they work with providers that can offer solutions for:

  • Overdrafts
  • Unsecured Business Loans
  • Secured Term Loans
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Equipment Finance
  • Invoice Financing
  • Line of Credit

Uniquely, Valiant have even set up lending arrangements with banks as well as online lenders. Including ANZ, NAB and Citibank.

Is Valiant Safe and Reliable?

As detailed at the start of the review Valiant Finance does not issue business loans at all. Your credit score will not be impacted by submitting an application and there is no risk to using Valiant whatsoever. Despite not lending themselves Valiant holds an Australian Credit License, the site is HTTPS secured and your data will only be shared with a particular lender should you agree with Valiant it is a lending solution you wish to pursue.

Valiant was founded in 2015 by co-founders Richard Cotton and CEO Alex Molloy, previously a banking consultant for McKinsey. Although relatively new, Valiant has grown at a staggering pace and has recently completed a $12.5 million series B funding round. Their mission is simple: become the go-to place for business finance. Having built a network with all of the key players in the Australian lending space and gaining over 88 partners, Valiant are well on their way to achieving this too. The most recent funding round included high profile backing from ANZ, Westpac, and Salesforce.

Valiant’s most recent funding round included some high profile backing, namely ANZ, Westpac and Salesforce. Two of Australia’s largest banks and the single biggest name in sales technology.

According to Valiant’s CEO Alex Molloy, “Achieving this level of support enables us to continue the incredible growth we have experienced in the past 18 months. We are continuing to accelerate our platform roadmap, build relationships with key players, and most importantly; invest in our people and culture. Ultimately, each investment will help us give our customers the best possible experience while securing business finance.”

Valiant Business Finance Australia Review & Analysis (3)

Do Users Like Valiant?

In Numbers

  • TrustPilot Australia: : 2,854 Reviews, 97% Excellent, 3% Great, 0% Bad – TrustScore 4.9 / 5.

The Feedback

There are over 2,850 Valiant Finance reviews to be found online, all of which are overwhelmingly positive. Here we detail just a couple:

Equipment Finance. Dealt with Francesca Stabile in relation to the purchase of a 304e Caterpillar Excavator. Francesca was very helpful throughout the process with very good lines of communication all the way keeping me informed as to how the application was going. There was no stage during the process that I had to chase Francesca for updates which I was very impressed about. I would definitely recommend Francesca and the team if you were looking at financing equipment.”

“William Hurtis handled my loan refinance application in a completely professional and friendly manner from my initial inquiry on Wednesday to settlement on Friday. His service was exemplary and I can’t recommend William highly enough. He replied promptly on every occasion and kept me fully informed throughout the whole process, saved me around $5000.00 in repayments and provided a great hassle free experience throughout.”

As it stands there are no negative Valiant Finance Reviews to highlight.

Analysis of Client Reviews

Valiant have only been around since 2015 so amassing 889 reviews to date is no mean feat. What’s more, every single review has been positive. Almost all those who have left a review specifically mentioned their account manager who was assigned to them throughout the lending process. Praising the excellent customer service received and the proactive, personalised and friendly approach of the team.

We were able to find reviews from clients who were seeking financing for a wide variety of different purposes and in every case Valiant was able to find them a solution.

The fact that there are no negative reviews to be found at all further supports the general ethos of the reviews highlighting how excellent and efficient the Valiant team have been.

Valiant Business Loans Review



  • Variety of Lenders - 99%


  • Service - 94%


  • Sign Up Process - 93%


  • Client Reviews - 99%


  • Website - 82%


  • Credibility - 80%


Editorial Summary

Just like with Become Business Loans, we can truly see the value in Valiant operating as a business loan marketplace. Rather than submitting a number of individual applications, businesses can streamline all of this by only being matched with the most relevant loan providers and receive the help of a lending expert in the process.

Whilst Become specialise in sourcing unsecured business loans, Valiant appears to be doing an excellent job in covering a number of lending solutions.
Businesses seeking equipment or invoice financing and seeking a variety of lending partners should most certainly give Valiant a try. With the unanimously positive feedback from clients, quick application process and excellent customer service provided by Valiant we can’t see a logical reason not to.

Best Valiant Alternatives

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✓ Business Overdrafts
Invoice Financing

Disclaimer: receives affiliate commission from Valiant. We welcome you to take a critical approach reading this review – we feel it is very balanced and helpful, providing every bit of information a prospective client requires to make a sober choice whether to use Valiant or not.

Valiant Business Finance Australia Review & Analysis (2024)
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