What Companies Does Jschlatt Own (2024)

As a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer, Jschlatt’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond his online presence. He is involved in several business ventures, owning a range of companies and exploring various business endeavors. In this article, we will delve into the companies that Jschlatt owns, shedding light on his diverse portfolio and entrepreneurial aspirations.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Jschlatt is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who owns several companies
  • One of his major ventures is Schlatt & Co., a clothing and merchandise company
  • Jschlatt Fans Merch collaborates with Jschlatt to sell his official merchandise
  • While Jschlatt was associated with GamerSupps, he is no longer involved with the company

Jschlatt’s Ownership of Schlatt & Co.

One of the notable companies that Jschlatt owns is Schlatt & Co., a clothing line and merchandise company. Jschlatt holds 50% ownership of the company, while his business partner, ConnorEatsPants, owns the remaining 50%. Together, they have built a successful brand that caters to Jschlatt’s fanbase.

At Schlatt & Co., Jschlatt’s clothing line showcases his unique style and branding. Fans can find a variety of merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories, all featuring Jschlatt’s distinctive logo and designs. The company’s focus on quality and attention to detail has contributed to the popularity of Jschlatt’s merchandise among his dedicated followers.

The Rise of Schlattcoin

One of the notable ventures of Schlatt & Co. is the creation of Schlattcoin, a cryptocurrency managed by Jschlatt and ConnorEatsPants. Schlattcoin provides a unique experience for Jschlatt’s fans by allowing them to purchase gold nuggets and certificates of ownership using the cryptocurrency. The value of Schlattcoin is said to increase over time, offering fans an exciting investment opportunity in addition to supporting their favorite content creator.

Through his ownership of Schlatt & Co. and the success of Schlattcoin, Jschlatt has established himself not only as a prominent online personality but also as a savvy entrepreneur. His collaboration with ConnorEatsPants and their shared vision for the company has allowed them to tap into Jschlatt’s dedicated fanbase and create a thriving business.

Key Takeaways:
Jschlatt owns 50% of Schlatt & Co., a clothing line and merchandise company.
The company’s offerings include t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories featuring Jschlatt’s unique branding.
Jschlatt and ConnorEatsPants manage Schlattcoin, a cryptocurrency that allows fans to purchase gold nuggets and certificates of ownership.
The value of Schlattcoin is said to increase over time, providing an investment opportunity for Jschlatt’s followers.

Jschlatt’s Merchandise Collaboration with Jschlatt Fans Merch

While Jschlatt may not be the owner of Jschlatt Fans Merch, the company has been granted authorization to sell his official merchandise, clothing, and collectibles. Jschlatt Fans Merch serves as the exclusive store for Jschlatt collectibles, offering fans an authentic source for purchasing his products.

Jschlatt Fans Merch operates by purchasing Jschlatt’s merchandise at wholesale prices and directly selling them to fans. This approach ensures that fans receive genuine and officially licensed items. It also helps to avoid the risks associated with purchasing counterfeit or unlicensed products from unofficial sources.

The collaboration with Jschlatt Fans Merch provides a convenient and reliable way for fans to support their favorite content creator and proudly display their love for Jschlatt. By offering a wide range of merchandise options, including clothing and collectibles, Jschlatt Fans Merch caters to the diverse preferences of Jschlatt’s fanbase.

Benefits of Jschlatt Fans Merch CollaborationDetails
AuthenticityJschlatt Fans Merch is the only official store for Jschlatt collectibles, ensuring that fans receive genuine and licensed products.
Product VarietyJschlatt Fans Merch offers a wide range of merchandise options, including clothing and collectibles, allowing fans to choose items that align with their preferences.
ConvenienceFans can easily purchase Jschlatt merchandise directly from Jschlatt Fans Merch, eliminating the need to search for reliable sources elsewhere.
Supporting JschlattBy purchasing merchandise from Jschlatt Fans Merch, fans can directly support Jschlatt and his content creation endeavors.

The partnership between Jschlatt and Jschlatt Fans Merch ensures that fans have access to high-quality, official merchandise that helps to create a stronger connection between Jschlatt and his dedicated fanbase.

Jschlatt’s Sponsorship with GamerSupps

As a popular content creator, Jschlatt has had several business ventures and brand partnerships throughout his career. One notable association was his sponsorship with GamerSupps, a leading gaming supplement company.

Although initial confusion arose regarding Jschlatt’s ownership of GamerSupps, it was later clarified that he was actually a sponsored content creator for the brand. In his videos, Jschlatt promoted GamerSupps products and even provided a discount code exclusively for his viewers.

However, Jschlatt’s affiliation with GamerSupps was not without controversy. Some allegations of non-payment from other content creators led to criticism surrounding the partnership. Despite the mixed reception, it is important to note that Jschlatt’s association with GamerSupps has now come to an end, and he no longer holds any ownership or official partnership with the company.


What companies does Jschlatt own?

Jschlatt owns 50% of Schlatt & Co., a company that produces his clothing and merchandise. He is also involved in other business ventures.

What is Schlatt & Co.?

Schlatt & Co. is a company owned by Jschlatt and his business partner, ConnorEatsPants. It produces Jschlatt’s line of clothing and merchandise.

What is Schlattcoin?

Schlattcoin is a cryptocurrency managed by Jschlatt and ConnorEatsPants. It allows players to purchase gold nuggets and certificates of ownership, with the value of Schlattcoin supposedly increasing over time.

Does Jschlatt own Jschlatt Fans Merch?

No, Jschlatt does not own Jschlatt Fans Merch. However, the company has been authorized to sell his merchandise, clothing, and collectibles.

Is Jschlatt affiliated with GamerSupps?

Jschlatt was a sponsored content creator for GamerSupps but is no longer affiliated with the company. He promoted their products in his videos and provided a discount code for his viewers.

What Companies Does Jschlatt Own (2024)
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