The Law of the Order, Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest (2024)

1. Sent To Reimond

We have learned that a White Magister named Reimond has seniority amongst Driftwood's garrison. We should seek him out.

2. Met Reimond

Talk to Magister Reimond.

We have met the White Magister, Reimond, who is preparing to leave Driftwood. He believes that dwarves are plotting to undermine the Magisters, and has asked that we seek out proof of this conspiracy.

2.1. Ask Julian

Reimond told us to look to Magister Julian for orders, if we wish to help their cause.

3. Reimond Left

Reimond has set sail from Driftwood, leaving Magister Julian in charge of a reduced garrison. If we discover evidence of a dwarf conspiracy against the Magisters, then we are to bring it to Julian.

4. Investigate Lohar

Talk to Magister Julian.

Magister Julian has tasked us with investigating the dwarf Lohar's involvement in the suspicious events happening around Driftwood. He suspects there's a base of operation in the Reaper's Bluffs, where he hopes we can find evidence of his working for the Dwarven Queen.

5. Contact Lohar

Find Lohar in Effie's Emporium.

We have made contact with Lohar. We ought to keep an eye out for any information that will be of interest to the Magisters, while not arousing Lohar's suspicion.

7. Lohar Problem

Talk to Lohar and offer your help. Shadow over Driftwood quest will be added to your journal.

Lohar has been having difficulties with an associate of his called Mordus. Maybe we can exploit this somehow.

8. Know Deathfog

Find and read Ship's Manifest in Wreckers' Cave.

We learned that the dwarves acquired some Deathfog from a Magister ship, but it's been moved elsewhere. We will need more proof.

9. Found Wrong Letters

Find and read Letter with a large ink stain in Wreckers' Cave.

We found some letters in the Wrecker's Cave, but they don't have enough incriminating details to use against Lohar. There must be something else around here that bears more potent information...

10. Smuggling Found

We have learned that shipments of fish that have been tainted by the Void are being used to conceal the smuggling of Source weapons.

11. Smuggling Told Magister

We told the Magisters what we know about the smuggling of Source weapons. We have been told to continue searching for more evidences against the dwarves.

12. Smuggling Cache Found

Find and pick up Source Weapons.

We have found the Source weapons, hidden in the lower levels of the Fishworks.

13. Smuggling Dwarf Learn

We have learned that the dwarves are smuggling the Source weapons to Arx.

14. Smuggling Buyer Learn

Talk to Brayton Barnes and persuade him to tell you more about the buyer.

We learned that the void-tainted fish are being bought by a mysterious 'man in a house' in Arx.

14.1. Smuggling Fish Learn

If you did not convince him. You can also talk to Pressley.

We learned that the Void-tainted fish are coveted by someone in Arx, despite their condition.

15. Found Empress Letter

Find Letter from the Dwarven Queen in Wreckers' Cave.

We found a letter in the Wrecker's Cave - one written by Justinia, the Dwarf Queen. It proves that the dwarves had been conspiring against the Magisters. We must be careful about who learns of the contents of this letter.

16. Gave Letter To Lilian

Go back to Lohar and give him the letter.

We gave the Dwarf Queen's letter to Lohar, concluding our business.

16.1. Quest Reward

17. Gave Letter To Magister

Give the letter to Magister Julian. He will give you the Key to the Magisters' Chest located on the second floor of Magisters' Barracks.

We gave the Dwarf Queen's letter to the Magisters. They will send it on to their brethren in Arx and let them take the appropriate action.

17.1. Assassinate Lohar

Magister Julian has tasked us with killing Lohar and bringing back his head.

17.1.1. Killed Lohar

We killed Lohar. We should bring his head back to Magister Julian. Delivered Lohar Head

We brought Lohar's head to Magister Julian; he seems very satisfied with his death and rewarded us well. Quest Reward02 Ate Lohars Head

One of us ate Lohar's head. Told Julian Ate Lohars Head

We told Magister Julian that Lohar's head was eaten. He was not pleased.

18. Killed Lohar Too Soon

Lohar is dead.

19. Killed Julian

Magister Julian is dead. We can no longer report to him or receive our reward.

20. Too Slow

Someone else has already reported back to Magister Julian ahead of us and concluded the investigation.

21. Close Left R C

We have departed from Reaper's Coast without resolving matters relating to the Magisters of Driftwood.

The Law of the Order, Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest (2024)
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